Complete electronic Field Data Management System

eFieldDATA is a powerful cloud based tool that enables geotechnical engineers to collect and manage data in real time, making it ideal for Construction Material Testing (CMT) using ASTM standards, field inspections and lab management. Engineers can seamlessly install the mobile app on any smartphone or tablet, allowing real-time communication with engineers, administrators and clients.


eFieldDATA helps field technicians, office staff, engineers, lab technicians and project managers plan and organize projects, work orders, workflows, reports, timesheets and invoices more efficiently.

  • Collect Data Anywhere, Anytime

    Accessible anywhere at any time from any device

  • Automated Workflow

    Forms automatically populated with all required information for data collection

  • Centralized Reporting

    Streamlined front-office management serves as a centralized and paperless system.

  • Notifications

    Instant notifications on work orders assignments and reports from the field

  • Client Portal

    Electronic gateway to a collection of digital files, services, and information accessible through a web browser

  • Integration

    Dashboard and business analytics for work order and reports management

For Geotechnical Engineers, Field Inspectors and Staff

eFieldDATA is designed for various roles such as geotechnical engineers, staff administrators, accounting staff, payroll staff, inspectors, field technicians, lab technicians, project managers and clients.

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